Erogenous zones in women

Erogenous zones are points on the body, when you touch the which occurs of sexual arousal. These points are created by nature itself. If a partner does it with knowledge of the matter, the body starts preparing for sexual intercourse. On the female body these points much more than men. Many of these points we know practically nothing.

Improper touching of erotic zones, you can cause quite the opposite effect expected.

The main erogenous zone in women

erogenous zones in women

What is the erotic points on the body of women and how they act?

There is a perception. that the female body is one big erogenous zone. It is safe to say that not every man will bother to search for them. But these places can change how the location and level of excitability. In their place can be affected by many factors. It could be fatigue, the condition of the nervous system, mood etc. than each partner, to determine and properly undertake the action for the full erotic arousal.

The more feminine body of such zones, so it is hotter. The matter is already a partner to this sexuality to stir with caresses and touches , in the area where the most sensitive point. Any girl from right action partner would have a much stronger pleasure than from rough and passionate sex.

The most common point is the center of the shoulder, the back of her neck under the hair, the part of the abdomen near the pubis and around the navel, tongue, earlobes, lips, forehead, eyelids, clitoris fossa above the clavicle, vagina, Breasts, ankles, the area of the shoulder blades, buttocks, behind the knee, inner elbow. All these erogenous zones are called primary. Someone of these places work together, someone selectively.

On the female body, with experience in sexual relations, new erogenous zones. Such zones are known as secondary. They can be located in various places, and on the action of the partner to react in different ways. This is the female body! It is able to Orient itself under a new sexual partner.

Factors changing the sensitivity of the erogenous zones in women.

Erogenous zones susceptible to external factors. These factors include the odors. Affecting mental and emotional condition of the girl, the scent can create a romantic mood to relax or excite, even cause aggression. Some things can hide, and some Vice versa to get even more sensitivity to touch and caress. The environment, sounds, clothes — everything plays a not unimportant role. The number and sensitivity of mood, waiting for something, fatigue, alcohol.

As a woman, erogenous zones of the woman very unstable.

How to identify these points?

To partner found these points, it needs to create a condition for relaxation. And then, with kisses and gentle touches, to survey the female body. To obtain a complete excitation, the girl needs to help the partner and suggest which of the erogenous zones at the moment, more sensitive. These points can be found on the little finger beautiful, slender legs to the tip of the hair on the beautiful head of your little friend.