When a woman is excited that she stands out

what stands out in women when excited

The word "goo" sounds like something disgusting. But you can change it to the word "hydration". Know the popular expression: "Behold, the woman saw the man, and she immediately "pomerculo" between the legs". Yes, this is the slime - a normal reaction to a stimulating object in women. But without these secretions, sexual intercourse would be similar to chopping carrots on a grater.

Gentlemen are virgins, the first time you have sex don't be afraid of the secretions of mucus in women when excited - it means that she likes you.

A small example from life. One is very shy virgin, even at school age, in love with a girl from a parallel class. Went crazy, wrote her anonymous love poems, but she in an emphasis did not notice.

He did not know even how to "roll up" to her, because I didn't know what basics need to explore sexually. He would, the fool, the relevant literature to read, and he's still with small volumes of the great poets dragged. The only thing he vaguely heard that there are sexually transmitted diseases, and there is something then dripping from the bodies.

It just so happens that the object of his desire seduced him. Somewhere somehow on a school night became fuzzy. And here they are at her house, with no parents, the destiny of everything. Kisses, tenderness, with shaking hands, he touched her labia - and there's a normal female mucus during arousal. But it instantly shod such fear, is flat, that the girl infected with a terrible disease because the moisture in the panties was Oh-Oh! Poor guy, he has "half past five" and he ignominiously fled from his "goddess".

Later, this failed lover with a sad laugh, Recalling this incident as he lost his first love. Yes time heals everything then learned, married, spawn a bunch of children.

How and why does the selection of women with excitement?

Vaginal fluid has a very complex composition, which produce the sex glands located in the vagina, the uterus and vaginal epithelium. Do not think that the mucus is released only during the excitation in small amounts in the vagina it is always.

However, before intercourse and during arousal the body throws out the mucus several times more in order to sexual intercourse was more comfortable, and would not be dry, causing discomfort for both partners.

Healthy girl's vaginal fluid is slightly thick and clear mucus , no noticeable smell and unnatural colors. Every woman the amount of moisture is different, it all depends on the degree of excitation and readiness for copulation. An experienced partner will always understand how excited his lover, and will make any prelude to sex, not to get the dubious pleasure of running dry.

But copious lubrication in women under excitement sometimes cause problems of a psychological nature of both lovers, especially if the couple for the first time or for a short time had intercourse. A man can assume that a lady is something wrong: or promiscuity, or any problems with her health in the genital area. The girl may hesitate or even refuse sex. In her opinion such an abundance of moisture will push away a partner, and even, um, are very unpleasant sounds from the vagina due to this during sexual intercourse similar to... Well, you understand.

What color are the discharge is the norm and a real fear

So, listing the following colours:

  • colorless or slightly whitish hue;
  • abundant white cheesy fluid;
  • gray or even greenish;
  1. In the first case should not be afraid. Even the white discharge is the arousal of women -is not a sign of her illness, it is common Beli. They occur mostly in women who are in the ovulation period is a sign of the time of conception of the child. White color can be lubrication during arousal, particularly when repeated coitus or post-coitus, with a condom.
  2. In the second case, if panties girls white cheesy discharge and out of her vagina and genitals look inflamed, it's likely she has a yeast infection. This does not mean that she has a venereal disease and does not mean that she is unclean - this may be a reaction to antibiotics or any personal hygiene products. But sex is desirable condom.
  3. Fluid in the arousal of women grey with a green tint can be dangerous for the partner. Not only the color speaks of danger, but the presence of a pungent smell , sorry, rotten fish, let me know what a girl is something from someone "picked up". Even if the girl is all so clean and neat. With this lady, "mischief" will definitely have an impact on health.
What color are the discharge is the norm and a real fear

Myths fans of adult movies about emissions

Initially, I want to dispel the myth for fans of adult film, and simply pornography. Sometimes in movies there are the episodes: here engaged couple, and sometimes more than one, wild sex, and that's one of the women begins profuse discharge during arousal, but such that fill the floor of the bed, and during orgasm in General, it's a whale let a powerful jet of vaginal fluid up.

After watching this movie in the Internet, there have been fierce debates: whether it is possible or not. Someone even "knocking his butt to the chest" that he personally saw this when sleeping with a partner. Outright nonsense and foolish bravado.

Lightly wet the bed under my ass - maybe, but pour yourself a gallon, from toe to ears, and even gushing - this does not happen.

So, advice to girls not to be ashamed, that somewhere out there beneath you formed a small puddle: that's okay, just because the body reacted to the arousal, and lubrication took more. Men advice - do not be afraid and not to embarrass the girl: they will look silly.

But when poor lubrication, or really lack thereof, have pity on you both, well it happens, especially Mature couples, when women reach menopause, and she still Oh how I want! Well, there are indeed, in sex-shops of special gels and lubricants, so go ahead and cool you sex!

Sometimes during sex a woman notes the discomfort and dryness, as not enough lubrication - natural secretions of the genital tract, which helps to perform a sexual act. Why is this happening? The problem is the partner or the woman? What can help in such a delicate situation, and what tools should be applied? These issues require a detailed discussion.

About "it"

Sex is a natural need of the body. Men and women are doing it not only for procreation, sex is an expression of love, tenderness, passion, pleasure and more. For each pair a sexual relationship is a natural stage of a relationship. However, sex is a mutual pleasure, this is an equal relationship between two people, and if one of the partners sexual contact brings discomfort, relationships can be spoiled. One of the most common women's problems is dryness during sex due to the fact that not enough lubrication. Lubricant is a colorless viscous liquid oozing in the excitement of women before intercourse in the period of foreplay and during sex. It helps the introduction and movement of the vagina, preventing discomfort, micro-cracks and discomfort. As a result of influence of various external and internal factors, the degree of selection of the lubricant may change. A deficiency of lubrication sex can cause women burning sensation and other unpleasant feelings.

Why is grease less?

Dryness in the vagina can occur for various reasons: reduction in the number of sex hormones during menopause, after childbirth, diseases of the ovaries or General diseases of the body. Reduced amount of lubricant for stress, physical exhaustion, when taking alcohol and Smoking after some medications.

Also not enough lubrication and as a result of mechanical damage to the vagina due to too active and intense sex, rough penetration or due to Allergy to condoms. But one of the main reasons for reducing the amount of lubricant is insufficient arousal women because of the short prelude, or its complete absence, if the partner is not interested or doesn't excite a woman. Scientists estimate that on average, women need about 8-10 minutes (in some cases up to 15!) for excitation, and if the partner is in a hurry, you may experience discomfort because of the dryness.

If there is not enough lubricant, intimate relationship can become unbearable for the woman, she will try to avoid them, which will suffer as the personal relations between the partners, and mood, psychological comfort, and even the woman's self-esteem.

Transparent and white discharge during sex

Where to begin "work on the bugs"?

First of all, you need to discuss problems with a partner, a change of sexual relations: their diversity, sufficient attention is peting in order to get a woman aroused and her vagina has allocated enough lubrication for comfortable penetration men. Every woman has certain incentives and "secret areas". It is important to tell your partner what you like most, what kind of foreplay would you like in the period of foreplay.

If the problem only occurs occasionally, you can use special artificial lubricants (lubricants), they create the necessary slide and humidity. But if the problem occurs almost every time, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Sometimes cause dryness lies in the simple dehydration, he just doesn't have enough fluid for the production of additional grease. Then helps increase in the amount drunk per day of the liquid. As an option: lack of lubrication may occur due to a reaction to the means of intimate hygiene. Often women tend to overdo things with intimate soap, disturbing the normal microflora of the vagina and draining the mucous. In this case, it is necessary to change hygiene products at a special.

The formation of the secretions upon excitation in women happens due to the fact that during sexual intercourse increases the amount of lubricant. This occurs because the natural lubricant, employee protection sexual organs from mechanical damage produced by a much larger amount of mucus.

The discharge contains numerous substances which protect the reproductive system from infection. But, there are cases when the discharge during intimacy too abundant, or Vice versa - it's not enough that can be an inconvenience.

Important! In healthy women the vaginal lubricant of medium thickness, transparent consistency and has a characteristic odor and color. If there is any change in color or viscosity, you need to contact the doctor to quickly determine the pathology.

It is important to clarify the nature of vaginal secretions. How abundant the formation of the secretions, and their absence can be a worrisome sign. The influence on the change in color and viscosity of mucus, may have the use of medications, age factor, hormonal changes.

Influence of sexual intercourse on the formation of mucus

The average performance on the wall of the vagina, the moisture formed after 12-16 seconds after coming active stimulation in the erogenous zone. It also occurs when a woman has a strong selection to occur when arousal on the psychological level. After the sexual organ is introduced a natural lubricant , mucus continues to be produced, and even increases in volume.

During arousal mucus is secreted in the norm, more than the maximum emission occurs at orgasm. If you decline the initiation of the mucus is normalized.

Natural lubrication is a sure sign of what happened to female arousal , which is impossible to stimulate or faked. When the penetration of sperm into the female sexual organ may change the consistency of the lubricant discharge from the vagina go into a new form with the consistency of white color .

A change in drainage during intimacy

Allocation in women manifest in the form of a watery liquid substance which acts as a lubricant. The higher the volume of lubricant generally occurs when a woman is Horny. Often, some of the girls after intimacy there is a formation of specific vaginal discharge . If intercourse occurs without a condom, then after the act may occur in women the formation of thick and transparent secretory compartments of mucus.

Such formation of the vagina, after a short period of time move to another form, and discharge is formed a white liquid consistency. During protected intercourse, or when a sudden interruption of the discharge noted a scant white creamy texture. Changing the branches from the vagina sometimes occurs because of the actions of a hormonal drug.

When applying medication hormonal actions (ie the contraceptive or other means) may be formed of an allergic reaction, which is characterized by the inhibition of the ovulatory process. In this case, lubrication is much reduced at its normal volume. Rarely observed in the employment of contraceptives, the presence of more abundant branches of the mucus. As soon as hormonal drug stop taking, the measure is normalized.

The negative impact due to the change of the sexual partner

If girls frequently change sexual partners may trigger changes in the vaginal lubrication. Offices of the penis can become more dense and abundant. This is because while sexual relations with a new partner changes the state of the microflora in the genital organs.

A change in drainage during intimacy

Because of the actions of the new conditionally pathogenic flora penetrated into the system of the organism in the vagina is produced by adaptation to unfamiliar bacteria and microorganism, and in some cases complete rejection. Often, this results in the increase of the number of branches of mucus, and changing the color and texture of the grease. As a rule, gradually increased to normal. However, frequent change of partners can form a serious illness and infertility.