Arousing a woman

The question of how to excite a woman, worried about how inexperienced young men and Mature men, who behind many years of marriage. If a man asked this question, so he wants to give the lady of his heart a true love and passion. And how to do it will be discussed below.

What most excites a woman?

Women love with their ears. Probably all heard that expression. And it makes sense. Many women find the sexiest men on his brain. Thanks to him, the man can give a beautiful lady a compliment, a funny joke, and interesting history. Which will warm up even the most cold heart.

What men excite women?


And if it is also still sporty, then there is little what lady can resist. If a man has a goal to win the heart of a woman, you have to buy a gym membership.

Also some women may initiate the personal qualities of the men and some of his actions. Determination, courage and action, not words, from time immemorial valued in a man.

IMPORTANT: the Man needs to surprise, to cause to endure and admire. Arousing a woman can be a delicious dinner, a personally written poems for her (and they really do not have to write yourself). Also to catch a woman you can play a musical instrument, a passionate dance, etc.

In order to excite the woman, you must have a neat appearance. It is possible for the meeting to use the toilet water with a pleasant smell. But, then you need to be sure that the girl is allergic to perfume. Otherwise, the date is unlikely. At the first meeting it is important to create a good impression. In fact, at all subsequent meetings, the woman would be to compare it with the image that she remembered initially.

Chance to make a first impression is given only once – at the meeting, it remains in memory for a long time. You need to be careful in terms appropriate to joke, show interest to the girl and to interest her. When re-meeting a woman will always rely on an opinion drawn up at the first meeting.

How to excite a woman?

In order to the woman quickly, "make", you need to work her erogenous zones.

Such areas of the female body of the conditional can be divided into three categories:

  • Weak erogenous zones
  • Average erogenous zones
  • Strong erogenous zone

For rapid initiation of women, and of course you can go directly to the caresses of the strong erogenous zones. But much nicer if you warm the woman's desire gradually. Starting with a weak erogenous zones and to move incrementally.

Such zones with a weak "impact" include the hair. They can caress, wound on the fingers, and perform other delicate actions. But, don't dwell long on the hair. After all, the task of arousing a woman quickly.

After the hair, you can go to the ears. Possess special sensitivity lobe. Supplement hands can lips. A vaguely or completely.

Lip and oral cavity, and more erogenous zone is the lips, the mucous surface of the mouth. Types of kisses very much and this topic is for another article. Man, it is important to find out which of these types like his companion and to hone his skills.

Neck skin is very delicate, and therefore is also one of the female erogenous zones. In addition, the neck is a "bridge" between the head and the chest. And this beautiful part of the female body included in the average erogenous zone.

The female breast is a symbol of femininity, beauty and desire of many men. In addition, this part of the body is very responsive to male affection. Female breast responds well to movement, massage, and halos and nipples in a soft and gentle touch.

IMPORTANT: the Impact of fondling women's Breasts does not affect the size of this part of the female body. But, not all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity equally react to such affection. Some of them the Breasts are very sensitive to kissing, while others do not.

Very Horny woman stroking the side surfaces of the chest and waist. Some ladies are very responsive to the touch in the abdomen, around the navel.

In order to quickly bring the woman should not forget about the back. One of the female erogenous zones are located between the shoulder blades.

But of course the most responsive to affection are strong erogenous zones. Stroking the inner thigh, and of course genitals. But, in order not to send the resource to the category of 18+, the story of the caresses of these body parts will be omitted.

Phrases, words that excite women


In the beginning of this article mentioned that women love with their ears

In many cases this is true. But what they want to hear in a moment of intimacy? "You're so beautiful" — corny, but many women from this phrase somehow "crazy". Especially, if to speak in his ear, not looking up from the caresses of the erogenous zones.

"You're the embodiment of my dreams" — sounds stilted, but sometimes it does. In order to have something to say to a woman, you should know that she is waiting for her date. Surprisingly, some couples who have been together for more than one year, cost two or three phrases, but at the same time, the man without problems excites them his chosen.

"You excite me" — a phrase that "work" almost always. Especially if you can really see the strength of this excitation.

A good effect can be achieved if you specify the lady of the heart on its unique advantages in front of other women. And no need to be prudish. If a woman has a great ass, why she doesn't say. The same applies to the chest. Women spend a lot of time to be beautiful, so why not to specify specific locations in which they are "beautiful".

"I love your legs", "Your Breasts are magnificent, Your lips are perfect" — you can talk for a long time, especially because at this stage, the second half is unlikely to listen.

SMS, stimulating women

There are times when a woman needs to be brought before his appearance. This can be done by phone, saying the above phrase, or by sending an SMS. The second method of seduction is very good.

First, it is much easier to write something intelligent than stammering with excitement to say that to a woman

Second, the lady will be able to read the TEXT even at the meeting or at some event where phone calls will seem bad.

What to write depends on the woman's temperament, her character and other conditions. Not all of the fairer sex will appreciate this SMS: "Stop smiling – let's get naked". Others on the contrary, will come from her in the past and found the man already in the appropriate form.

"I'm bored. I'd like to do something interesting" — an apparently neutral texts, but with an obvious hint of a sequel. Which may also have a stimulating effect.

"What we would do if you were there?" — another SMS which you can use to melt the fire of desires.

"It's cold outside. Let yourself under a warm blanket" — excellent, it remains only to wait for a response.

Video, stimulating women


Women as well as men from the exciting scenes of an erotic nature

Someone who likes light erotica, and Frank can enter into a stupor, while others can be liberated from the abundance of explicit scenes. So, before you put in your DVD player the disc with the movie, you need to ask sweetheart, her preferences in this regard.

As for the "strawberries" and there are genres. But, if the choice of films in conventional cinema, without doubt, the best erotic film of all times is "9 1/2 weeks" with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke.

But, not the above-mentioned film is considered to be a "cinematic aphrodisiac", and released in 1998 the film "Out of sight". This movie suddenly made George Clooney a Hollywood star. As for his partner in this film, Jennifer Lopez, the role of Prosecutor Karen Sisko is the best movie-career.

How to excite a woman in bed?

In order that the lovemaking was pleasant both spouses need to begin the stimulation before bed

  • In order that the lovemaking was pleasant both spouses need to begin the stimulation before bed
  • Petting, kissing and other displays of tenderness are supposed to show a woman how much you want it
  • In bed you need to once again go through all the female erotic zones. Directly to the sexual contact need to start feeling that the partner is already ready for this
  • The marriage bed is an intimate place. But, in order to enjoy the pleasure partners need to be open to each other. It is important to ask about that, love your woman and feel her body language. We need to show that your partner is the best
  • Unfortunately, many believe that after the transition to sexual intercourse about foreplay, you can forget. It certainly does not. The set of all possible excitatory action of a spouse can bring a woman to indescribable delight

Stimulating massage for women, the sequence


Massage is one of the oldest methods of excitation of partners before intercourse

And it is thanks to the massage was opened many erogenous zones. Since everyone's body is different, with the help of massage, the man can still best to know the body of his woman.

Erotic massage it is important to hold in the atmosphere, in advance of tuning on it. You need to dim the lights, turn on soft music, take the help of aromatherapy. A good prelude to the erotic massage will be a joint bathing.

How to excite a woman with his hands?

  • To begin this massage should with light touches of fingertips to the back and neck of his beloved. Then you need to go below the buttocks. Swipe gently at the hips. Some women strongly excite the strokes of the feet and toes
  • On the feet a lot of nerve endings. But if the massage causes discomfort to the partner, you need to proceed to stimulate other areas of her body
  • If the woman during the massage lying on your stomach, then ask her to roll over and lie on your back. Pat her chest. Pay special attention to the nipples. Typically, this is one of the strongest erogenous zones. Go to the genitals best at the end of erotic massage. When a woman will have to covet this
  • During the erotic massage, it's important to observe your partner and determine what she likes the most and what you need next time to refuse. Experiment and eventually be able to determine exactly what kind of touch can make your woman

What scents excite women?

Women's sense of smell is one of those feelings which every man can "subjugate" themselves

Below are listed a few scents that excite a woman more likely:

  • The patchouli. This sexual stimulant is well known to all passionate lovers. In addition, patchouli oil has a gorgeous smell, which can also be used in aromatherapy.
  • Vanilla. The smell of vanilla they know everything. Many crazy about him. Including women. This spice is completely unobtrusive scent. Even in men's fragrances that smell is rarely used. Buy scented candles vanilla-scented and arrange its second half romantic dinner.
  • Mint. Another smell that can be used in your sexual aromatherapy. Just a few drops of peppermint essential oil guarantee excellent results.
  • Musk. The smell of musk is in many ways similar to the smell of male pheromones. That's why he's able to "get" any woman. Even that which is considered to be unavailable.
  • The ylang-ylang. But the smell is a frequent guest in the men's perfume. The essential oil of this plant is able to excite and ignite passion. But it has one drawback. This smell acts thus far not to all women.
  • Jasmine. Many believe the smell of Jasmine feminine. That is why it is rarely seen in men's perfume. But who stops to buy a scented candle or drop a few drops to a diffuser and organize with my lady a romantic evening.

Also smells-the aphrodisiacs include:

  • tuberose
  • cedar
  • sandal
  • bergamot
  • orange
  • neroli
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • rose
  • vetiver
  • geranium
  • violet

Sounds that excite women

"Men love with eyes and women with their ears". The well-known saying which has not lost its power. And even in this case it is a little different, but the fact of the excitation of the auditory female hearing proves.


There are many melodies, which you can use to stimulate the synthesis of dopamine

This hormone is responsible for pleasure. According to scientists from Institute of Montreal, this effect can be achieved if you include the songs of the famous singer Adele.

But scientists from the American Institute of Maryland has calculated that for each phase a romantic evening needs its music: from lyrical melodies during the prelude to loud rock and RnB at the moment of sexual intercourse.

Products that excite women

Many foods are aphrodisiacs, which you can use to ignite a woman's passion

The main thing is not to overdo it. It is unlikely your lady, Bareev one of them, you will desire to go with you on your "bed".

Oddly enough, the first place in the list of products that can excite the woman is celery. The thing is that its composition is very much androsterone. Hormone, by increasing in the body, a woman experiences arousal. Here is the truth, this product is hard to imagine during a romantic dinner.

  • Oysters. This seafood is a classic aphrodisiac. After all, in the oysters a lot of dopamine – a hormone that increases sexual desire. In addition, the process of eating oysters is in itself very erotic.
  • Bananas. These fruits have a lot of potassium. This mineral is required by the body to make seratonin. Another hormone of pleasure.
  • Almonds. Nuts are considered to be a male aphrodisiac. But, almonds are also effective and women. Especially if they are lightly fry and salt them.

Complete product list-aphrodisiac chocolate. As part of this delicious dessert very much theobromine. This alkaloid can cause a feeling of satisfaction. With women it operates more brighter than men.