How to initiate a fast favorite in bed - affection from which fly

Any man is always interesting to know how to initiate a fast favorite in bed. In principle, it does not need to have any special skills and qualities. It will be enough kind words, light touches and dramatic hand movements.

arousal women hand

What affection love women

To diversify their intimate life and get indescribable pleasure to help all kinds application various methods of foreplay and lovemaking elements. There is a great variety of techniques and instruments used in the prelude to intimate fun.

The simplest would be:

  • Gentle and affectionate touch of lips,
  • Careful petting hands
  • Lovely words in your ear.

How to initiate a fast favorite in your bed with your hands

If you know all of the zones that excite and relax, and at the right time led them warm and sensual movements, you can quickly have a favorite. The moment the proximity will only enhance the effect achieved.

Why not recommend alcohol

Stop and think before you decide to diversify sex with alcohol. Alcohol inhibits transmitted to nerve endings impulses and in no way fueling the expected pleasure. So, a romantic evening is more appropriate glass of wine and nothing else.

Technique kiss and techniques for initiation

In order to make the girl appreciated all your efforts, you should learn the techniques of sexual touch of the lips. This is usually:

  • Gentle touch to the lips each other
  • Hot penetration in the mouth partners language gentleman,
  • The alternation of the previous techniques – from gentle to passionate and Vice versa.

Your lady will receive a real treat in bed if you stick to the necessary techniques.

Method The technique
Kiss A simple touch of the lips parts of the body can deliver heavenly bliss.

It may be the lips and neck, back and collarbone, cheeks and cheekbones, chest and abdomen.

Don't forget to monitor the reaction of your lover. Mark the places you bring her to arousal to a greater extent. Touch produce as lips and tongue.

Words of love Than we love our lovely ladies? That's right, the ears. Remember all the tender words you know. But it doesn't have to be spatially and endless speeches.

Enough to make a few compliments about her appearance, to say ear a Declaration of love, to remember a pleasant joint moments.

Like it and moved favorite, simultaneously relax and excite her condition.

Gestures and other body language
  • All your movements should be soft and smooth.
  • Quietly hold your fingers on the back, hair, tummy or waist.
  • Try not to make any sudden movements.
  • All your gestures need to be erotic and inviting.
arousal women fondling hand

What really excites a woman

Wondering how to bring your favorite fast in bed, do not forget about the erogenous zones. At the same time, each of them are individual.

Basic rules:

  • Some like affection of the scalp, the back or abdomen, and the third is the neck or chest.
  • Pay attention to the reaction. It will allow you to understand what places are most preferred.
  • In moments of pleasure a girl can close my eyes, to guide the partner's hand on desired area or involuntarily to touch her.
  • There are some places, stroking that you can achieve the opposite result, it caused unpleasant sensations.

Most often it is the kiss becomes the necessary impetus, after which comes the long-awaited intimacy of two loving people. Without it, too insistent overtures may be rejected. It is the romantic moment, to interrupt that does not arise any desire.

How to excite a woman

Initially, the most commonly used light touch of lips on lips, but they are too gentle and may not give the course of the development of further actions. Therefore, when the partner is already "ripe" there is a reason to move on to more passionate movements, involving the penetration of the tongue into the mouth and touching the sky and the internal cavity. But sometimes your beloved may refuse caresses in this way.

It has its own reasons:

  • The negative attitude to such manifestations of feeling,
  • Violation of personal hygiene,
  • Bad breath.

Women's body is designed so that it can react ambiguously to different touch. They constantly evaluate the partner.

And even in moments of intimacy, your lady analyzes you from the point of view of attraction. If she refuses the passionate kissing, then you're not fit her according to certain indicators, it has no desire to continue a relationship with you and bear you children.

To such conclusion scientists have come, but to take it literally is not worth it. Perhaps the problem is simpler – the girl has not developed sensitivity to this kind of affection. Now it is small – help her to achieve this.

Arousing a woman alone

To conduct games of love you should choose a convenient place. Better if it was a wide bed or a sofa where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Gently and slowly lay the object of their desires to bed. Your gentle actions will certainly be appreciated. Now start to awaken the desire of keeping certain rules and advice.

Arousal touches

What you need to do for the pleasure of the beloved:

  • Gently touch your fingers or tongue skin
  • Don't be shy when conducting experiments in search of the erogenous zones,
  • Safely carry out the actions with his hands, but try not to deliver painful sensations
  • Gradually begin love game.

As you can see, it's very simple and affordable. Be creative, using fingers or tongue, explore all the unknown areas of the body, stimulate the zone of the highest satisfaction.

Most importantly, to your actions you didn't take the pain. In this case you will have to start all over again. And not the fact that the next time a girl with the same joy gives you to study his beautiful body. Emerged to break the psychological barrier will be too difficult.

Inciting desire with caressing movements

It is in vain, many do not give I value. They can be strengthened manifested an indescribable feeling and rekindle desire.

The nerves present in our brain, a kind of respond to different vibrations, and the voice too. Thinking how to initiate a fast favorite in your bed, remember all the amazing and unusual combinations. With their help, you "blandientur" hearing women, evoking the languor and passion.

What action is recommended:

If the girl is sleeping, tired, sick or just not in the mood, do not attempt to persuade her to sex. You can gently stroke their hair or back, but if your actions will be perceived negatively, didn't fit in.

Your lady may hint at something that is not ready for a night of love. In this case, leave her alone. She might have held monthly, either she didn't shower, then the real reason for failure is simply not voiced.

To permanent partner or wife doesn't need to be treated as if they must have sex on demand. Never be offended by the unwillingness to the intima and do not accuse her of anything.

Your verbal flow must be supported by actions and gestures. But do not rush, take foreplay sufficient attention. If a girl does not reach the required excitation, the pleasure the act of love will bring neither her nor you.

In the most mysterious point, it will be to defeat completely opposite feelings:

  • Inconvenience
  • Negative feelings
  • Pain.

What kind of orgasm here then, so to speak. What would a man do to attain it will not work. So whatever preceded the beginning of your games, be careful and patient, gradually passing all stages of foreplay. If your gentle whisper in your ear does not give the desired effect, backed it touches that tender and gentle. Gently but firmly slide the fingertips through the body, find all hidden places, which is your favorite excited more and more, gradually relaxes and becomes ready for more active movements.

If such "tricks" will become your constant companions in the process of seduction, that lady will become responsive even to slight touch. In anticipation of intercourse, her body would burn with desire.

How to get a girlfriend quietly

There are certain erogenous zones, increasing the tension.

Every gentleman to seek to understand which of his actions are given to a woman of unforgettable fun. How to initiate a fast favorite in your bed, just keep track of her reaction to your touch. Try to find and choose those erogenous zones that give special sensuality, learn step by step body your Princess.

Hands – your chief assistant in the study of the most excitable areas. Don't forget that you must touch the lips and tongue. The movement must alternate from slow to fast, from one region to another.

Erogenous zones according to the degree of their sensory characteristics are of three types:

  • Weak
  • Average
  • Strong.
arousal women hand techniques

Initially your focus should be targeted to designated low sensitivity to touch, and then, speeding up the pace of lego to the most exciting sites. Your favorite will moan from bliss.

The table shows the most common erogenous places and their classification according to the principles of sensitivity.

The sensitivity of the female body

The area of the body Steps to manifesting desire
Low sensitivity
Hair Procedure:

  • Lightly touching the scalp, hold hands on the uncool hair, wrap their fingers curl. Can do massage, it stimulates blood flow, increasing arousal. But implementing it should possess certain knowledge and experience.
  • Gradually descend to the upper chest and neck. In this case, operate the tongue and lips. Lightly touch their bodies, capturing and the area of the forearm and clavicle.

A kind of reaction to the kissing of the fingers. Perhaps that is why in the nineteenth century, the Cavaliers were constantly kiss their ladies.

  • Be sure to stimulate the ears and eye sockets.
  • In this case, no harm will be kind words.
  • Whispering their, kiss the lobe of the ear, slightly nibbling at her teeth. Produce light kisses eyes, your lady will receive an indescribable pleasure.
Average sensitivity
Chest How to caress Breasts

Women's Breasts gives a mixed reaction to the touch of males. Excitation is enhanced in the following cases:

  • When feeding baby
  • The time of ovulation
  • The first trimester of pregnancy.

Touching the areola and nipple of the breast, you can bring your favorite to orgasm. Especially if her anxiety increased.

  • His partner on the stomach, make her timid and gentle massage, stretching back and buttocks.
  • Place between the shoulder blades is called "cat". It should be the object of your attention. You will be able to achieve full satisfaction and excitement of your beautiful halves.
  • Properly conducted procedure in order to achieve the effect of light tickling in my stomach.

One of the places, affection which should not stop even for a minute are lips.

Review methods and techniques of carrying out acupressure. They are very simple.

  • Pull the language, you ought to look out only its tip. They should be easy to touch the lips of your partner, as if slightly pricking.
  • Ensure that your tongue was firm and gentle.

Sometimes women at the time of receiving of pleasure slightly morsu your lips. It is quite normal and does not cause pain or discomfort.

Acupressure and concurrent affection of the breast assume that you are already sufficiently prepared for the final stage of the love game.

The strong sensitivity of
Thigh with their inner side
  • In order to make it easier to caress the area from the crotch to the knee, lie down on your back.
  • Be gentle, gradually moving higher and higher.

The crotch itself is composed of many nerve endings and is divided into several parts. If you set a goal, how to bring your favorite quickly in bed, give her attention.

  • The most sensitive in this respect the Clit. You can see this visually at the moment of excitation is increasing. Sometimes it is difficult to detect, but it must be done necessarily.
  • Stimulation of this place can cause orgasm without taking additional steps.
  • A specific response to affection differs the region from vagina to anus. It's rather a delicate place to touch him that if it pleased your spouse.
  • Willingness to sex will give immediately the labia. At the time of excitation they receive blood flow, and they change color. Touching this place, will you give your companion a lot of positive emotions and sensations.

The eve of the main exciter in women have hypersensitivity. What can be said about the vagina in which there is a large number of nerve endings. So this place should be the most "favored".

Massage it until the moment of sexual intercourse, in the process and even after. So you will allow the women to experience a rapid desire and prolong the pleasure of orgasm.

The clitoris
The space from the bottom of the vagina to the anus