Sex pills: ate - and wanted!

In the last installment we tried to reason with men who deny their wives intimacy. Now for the other halves. In fact, according to statistics, at least two out of every ten women do not seek in the arms of husbands. Just don't have such desire. Although I have the opportunity. And about 40 percent of those who - desire - albeit with difficulty, but still find have not experienced sex satisfaction. And the worst part is that many of them eventually moving into the category of those who are not committed. Especially after living some time with her husband. In the end affects both sides: some want sex, others don't get it. It is therefore not surprising that many scientists are looking for "antidote" - a kind of ways and means of warming up cold ladies.


Of the natural methods works more or less only one. For example, rosemary from the University of British Columbia recommends (and "KP" is not just recommended) for women to engage in sex even through "not-want". Her research has convincingly shown that "the act of sexual relations restores libido". And the more acts, the faster the healing occurs. Because women's blood increases the content of hormone testosterone which is largely responsible for the lust.

The trouble is that most of the ladies (just read the responses on our website) nasty violent method. Mainly because of personal feelings of sexual aversion to men-performers. And what happens? To start treatment is stopping the healer, and the healer interferes, because "sick." A vicious circle... Only the great desire of the wife to meet the husband allows you to break out of it.

Some psychologists suggest having ladies erotic videos. Refer to the survey data, which suggests that more than half of women react to it. That is excited. And quite strongly. And quickly - in an average of 743 seconds. At the rate they are only a minute and a half inferior to men.

But... As a rule, a woman does not want to take prescribed "healer" medicine. Even knowing that will be instituted. In other words, the physiological reaction of the fairer sex is not always indicative of their desire to enter into an intimate relationship. And some are ready to suppress it.

Scientists assure that the lust of women is changing with time. And medical statistics supposedly indicates that the peak of passion they reach the age of 35. Or even later. So maybe we should just wait?

Unfortunately, many men waited. But do not wait. On the contrary, is full of these who have young wives willingly and gladly had sex. And growing up, "went into denial".


Scientific logic dictates: addicted to love born chemicals that produces the organism. From them arise the desire and its attendant pleasure. A normal female body produces these chemicals in sufficient number and in proper proportion. Crazy - is faltering. And if so, it is necessary to add what is missing.

At one time, the therapists had high hopes directly on testosterone. There was even developed a special patches, which injected the hormone under the skin. But the big success of such therapy to no avail. Women were more persistent in their unwillingness.

American Professor Larry young from Emory University in Atlanta was experimenting with another hormone - oxytocin, which seemingly gives rise to sexual fantasies, pushing for the embrace of mutual affection, reduces stress and strengthens the trust in each other. At least the lovers the level of this hormone increased.

However, direct administration of oxytocin anybody has not stirred a love that is called out of nowhere. And sent a cold wife into the arms of sexy hated husband. Though reduced in several times the number of scandals between spouses who participated in the experiments.

The Professor, however, did not lose hope of success. And continues to search for substances, he says. Believes that with their help, you will still be able to at least enhance the feeling of love. If it is still warm.

And while the situation has not become clear yet, researchers are working on two fronts - with the female organisms and with their personal components. That is, with the brain, which, in the opinion of many, and it is the main sexual organ. And here in this direction, it seems, there has been notable progress in the creation of potions for the spell.


means for initiating

Chip for the spell

Psychiatrist Morten from the University of Oxford in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience says that he found a part in the brain that is specifically responsible for sexual pleasure. But the exact coordinates of the points. Reports only that the little cherished point located in the region of the orbital-frontal cortex. They say that it is the impulses, libido and lead to orgasm.

In the next 10 years, the researcher intends to create an electronic chip and a master of its implantation into the very point. The goal is to provide everyone sexual pleasure. At any time. Control - from the remote, as from a garage door. One button it will stimulate libido, the other is to provide an orgasm. Natural sexual intercourse it does not cancel. Just will be optimized electronics. And to whom, and on what button to press to decide partners. Although the device can be applied alone.


Some of the "cool" ladies already there. Others on the way. But the question is: whether will be wishing to use them?

Pharmaceutical companies do not doubt the success - counting on the market in the billions of dollars. I believe that even surpass the viagra. In fact, women with weakened libido, no less than "weak" men. But there's a difference... the stronger sex and he is happy to be treated. And the weak don't want. And that will change with the advent of miraculous sex pills? Although... to Feed them secretly, put in the compote. Or in red wine.


Scientists from Turin and Florence universities have conducted trials on 798 women with regular partners. Watered these women are red wine. Poured daily one or two glasses. And then evaluated sexual activity drinking on several parameters: libido, excitability and intensity of orgasms, pain.

The results of a bold experiment published in the journal of Sexual Medicine. And they show the same one or two glasses of increased the libido, reduces or even eliminates pain. But nothing more, alas, red wine is not affected. Unfortunately, the authors of the study have not yet been clarified and the mechanisms of their influence on sexual activity of women. But they're going to get to the truth hidden in red wine. And will continue to drink.