15 main signs of sexual arousal women

Erogenous zones are points on the body, when you touch the which occurs of sexual arousal. These points are created by nature itself. If a partner does it with knowledge of the matter, the body starts preparing for sexual intercourse. On the female body these points much more than men. Many of these points we know practically nothing.

Improper touching of erotic zones, you can cause quite the opposite effect expected.

15 main signs of sexual arousal women

  1. the termination of the conversation. when a woman reaches the highest point of sexual excitement, her voice growing quiet, she only answers questions, moreover, unequivocally "Yes" or "no", and then completely stops.
  2. redness of the face. as a result of huge rush of blood to the head, the face of the woman engorged with blood as it erupts. this is especially noticeable in the burning cheeks.
  3. breath. it becomes frequent and shallow, with occasional deep breaths. the woman does not get enough air, causing nostrils to dilate, begin to move and she begins to breathe through the mouth.
  4. photo arousal women
  5. the mouth and lips. given that the woman breathing mouth, she had it ajar. lips dry, and she tries the tip of his tongue moisten them.
  6. dryness of the throat. throat in women also dry, so it is often hirundo difficile saliva to moisten it. sometimes to moisten the throat asks for a glass of water.
  7. closed eyes. the woman focused only on the men's caresses, receives the maximum satisfaction, because her eyes are closed.
  8. sweating of the body. as the result of a man stroking a woman's body (back, abdomen, thighs) occurs in the blood flow of superficial blood vessels, causing the woman's body sweats.
  9. shake and strain the body. a woman's body are at the peak of desire, strained, and in some areas, mainly on belly and thighs, the shake – frequent twitching of small muscles.
  10. arms with periodic strong clenches. the woman impulsively hugs the man, periodically clutching hands some parts of his body, sometimes he will drive his nails.
  11. swelling nipples. nipples in women alive and swell, become hard. although it is worth remembering that this may be a regular occurrence during pregnancy.
  12. protrusion of the abdomen. excited woman reflex bulging belly.
  13. clenching thighs. the woman is no longer able to endure, and to deliver one-stop, impacts the hips, thus irritating the labia majora and clitoris.
  14. the direction of the caresses of the men on their genitals. great desire and impatience women makes her direct affection of the men on her genitals.
  15. the secretion of the vagina. at the entrance to the vagina it feels moisturizing, but in some women it can feel even through her panties, they become wet in the vaginal area.
  16. the desire to touch the genitals of men. the highest peak of a woman's desire is manifested in her desire to touch the genitals of men and begin to caress him.

Of course, not all women can simultaneously be present all of these symptoms. but it is believed that if manifested more than half, the woman is completely ready to have sex.