10 types of female orgasm

10 types of female orgasm

Folk without a hitch call two kinds of female orgasm – clitoral and vaginal, sexually-savvy person will remember anything about squirt. There is, however, a more detailed classification of large and small O.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments in which it was found, that the beautiful ladies are experiencing different intensity of feelings depending on the method of stimulation. Of course, lovers all over the world have accepted these statements. Now they will have to work harder to meet partners.

If you want to know what are orgasms and to master the ways of their achievement, please read the further text of the article. But be careful - some facts may be disturbing.

1. Vaginal

Description. The most well-known type of orgasm in women. It occurs by direct penetration of the penis (or sex toy) into the vagina. Despite the prevalence of the concept, only 25% of women able to test it. Why so few? The answer lies in the anatomy of the lucky owners.

Only one-quarter of the damsels has shortened the distance between the clitoris and vaginal opening. With the introduction of a member of the soft tissues are stretched and affect the magic pea. Unfortunately, for the remaining 75%-ing the weaker sex, this kind of enjoyment available.

How to achieve? The sensitivity of the vagina changes with age. Some ladies peak indicator falls within the period after delivery. If you don't want to have a baby, you will have to use additional stimulating means, for example, intimate oils or special lubricants.

2. Clitoral

Description. The most accessible, and, consequently, the most common female orgasm. In a small spot at the upper base of the labia is concentrated all the fun in the world. Imagine - 8 000 nerve fibers of the clitoris interact with 15000 sensitive endings melt of the pelvis, which causes a powerful blast of pleasure.

How to achieve? We detail painted techniques oral stimulation of the clitoris in the article on cunnilingus.

Another win – win situation- to stretch this area of sex toys. In the course of standard intercourse, don't forget to use your hands and gently massage with fingers the hood.

Another win – win situation- to stretch this area of sex toys. Clitoral stimulators have become classics in intimate games. With their help, the partner is guaranteed to reach a peak in the shortest time. In any sex shop you will find a model to your liking – vibrators with and without antennae, remote control and with a stationary switches, and even thin tabs that fit into panties.

3. Orgasm G spot

Description. In 50-ies of the last century the medical community has stirred up the mind-blowing news. Women had discovered the counterpart of the prostate. Dr. Ernest Grafenberg had his fingers 3-5 cm from the entrance to the vagina and found there is spongy tubercle. He quickly gave a mystical area and its name, to perpetuate itself for centuries.

Orgasm girls received stimulation of the G spot, is more intense and deeper discharge.

How to achieve? Methods study internal trigger is described in a separate article. You may use your hands or pick up a particular posture, providing pressure on the front wall.

Well established special devices curved shape (in common – stimulators, G-spot). Due to the special design the device is efficiently working on this erogenous zone. The principle of operation and specifications vary depending on model. Especially good – vibrators-pulsators continuously adjustable impact intensity.

4. Orgasm point A

Description. It turns out that the notorious G-spot is not the ultimate brink of pleasure. As it turned out, there is another magical area. It is situated at a distance of 7-10 cm from the entrance to the vagina and closely contacts with the upper fornix of the cervix. Delicately place called point A.

I hasten to answer your question, what is an orgasm when it is stimulated. The first few times - he's pulling and a bit painful. After the cessation of muscle contraction remains aching sensation. However, the intensity and duration of seizures significantly higher than in previous types of climax.

How to achieve? Theoretically it is possible to find the area of A member. But usually partner distracted and mindlessly begins to wield a penis, forgetting about point work. If your partner has long fingers, then you will need special equipment.

It is desirable to use slim G massager. Place the vibrator almost the entire length of the device pre-greased with lube. Drive along the front wall until you find a sensitive area. Next, focus on her.

5. Deep

Description. Has a pronounced relaxing effect. Attained through stimulation of the zone opposite the point A. it is likely multiple orgasms in women of middle age as 30-40 years peak of sexuality. The main feature is the spasms gradually increasing force.

How to achieve? You have to touch the lower body of the cervix. Involve remote sites of the vagina with toys large size. A little easier have lovers with an impressive manhood (20 cm and longer). Enhanced when frictions "to the ground" deep area is stimulated automatically.

The girls actively exercising the pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises, the chance to experience this kind of discharge is much higher. As "sports equipment" gynecologists recommend the use of vaginal balls. Worse the condition of the vagina, the lower the starting weight. It is better to choose a model with a displaced center of gravity, covered with hypoallergenic cover.

6. Orgasm point U

Description. Reading about what kind of orgasms that women have, sometimes you wonder! Some ladies get pleasure through the active massage of the urethra. Irritation of the exit of the urethra, occasionally resulting squirt. In this case, it is important not to confuse peak with banal incontinence.

How to achieve? To help you come to a liter of lubricant or massage oil and sturdy hands. Forget about greed – money should be plenty. Generously pour it directly into the urethra, gently press the tip of your finger. Make a circular motion, adding as necessary lubricant and increasing the pressure.

Some recommend to use the language. I am against such castling. Time to simulation out God forbid, you probably annoyed a vital organ than to bring the lady to ecstasy.

7. Orgasm from stimulation of the breast

Description. It's all very selective. Meet young ladies come in delight from the stimulation of the breast. However, there are women whose hair is standing on end at the mere mention of squeezing the nipples. Dear men, before to experiment will certainly talk with a partner.

How to achieve? The sensitivity level varies depending on the phase of the cycle. The Breasts before menstruation, the most sensitive to erotic massage. Start with light kisses all over the surface, stroking and friction without pressure. Then concentrate on the nipples. Tickle their language and without an effort to get involved in the mouth. When my partner is accustomed to act decisively – "roll" the nipple between my lips. Biting only with permission!

Progress does not stand still, already invented and continuously improved the sex toys to stimulate breast. Special penis pumps, clamps, electric shock, vibrators, nipple – just a small list of suggestions for experienced lovers.

8. Oral

Description. Scientists claim women with sensitive oral cavity can fly to the heavens during the performance of fellatio. How to achieve an orgasm of this type is unknown to me personally, so I will describe the impressions of other ladies. They say if deep throat technique with simultaneous overlapping of breathing triggers a powerful release of adrenaline. Hormone ignites the blood and increases the excitation until the peak phase.

How to achieve? Attention – the method of extreme and its implementation should be performed with extreme caution. Take the partner over the head and enter the penis as deeply as possible. Hold until the first attempts to reflexively inhale. Give the girl a little slack necessary for the replenishment of oxygen. Repeat the technique again.

To simulate group sex you can use dildos. Believe me, hard coitus with a beloved man and a couple of toys in different holes causes a storm of positive emotions.

9. Tactile

Description. What is tactile orgasm interesting shows in the Comedy "Wedding frenzy." There is a Hawaiian massage therapist brought the client to the blissful state one touch. Of course, the movie exaggerates a bit, but the writers caught the essence of 100%.

How to achieve? You can try after a long period of abstinence or in the initial stages of a relationship. It is important that the feeling was warmed by the hormonal cocktail of love. Sensual massage with study of all the muscles, alternation of hot wax and ice cubes, tickling fluffy body brushes. Any equipment light petting is acceptable for obtaining a tactile orgasm. Enough well trigger play sets with elements of BDSM.

10. Mental

Description. About physical female orgasm written multi-page treatises. Almost every country has a special Agency dealing with problems of personal life of citizens. But for some reason the famous scientists are studying just physical side and the emotional component often discounted.

But impressionable person is able to get satisfaction without touching the erogenous zones. And it's true. Many girls knees weak from a single vote of a dear person.

How to achieve? To be in love on the ears.

I hope you have learned everything you wanted about the female orgasm, or at least to a considerable extent satisfy their curiosity.