How can I know that girl excited: accurate signs

The relationship between men and women, followed by flirting and some signs of attention, often can cause sexual intimacy. The girl is much easier to see if the guy to more intimate continuation, while the males often long you can not see whether the girl is Horny. The mysterious phenomenon of female arousal for a long period of time lends itself to scrutiny of sexologists and psychologists. And all-taki have managed to identify a few specific signs that indicate the willingness of the girl.

Men and women – differences of sexual arousal


When on the streets effectively is a girl in a short skirt and high heels, a tube top with a sweetheart neckline and neat makeup, unwittingly it drew the attention of every other man. Her gaze immediately will understand the guy, whether to approach her. The probability of excitation of men just when you look at a beautiful person is quite high, what can be said about girls.

To the woman interested in the man, not simply pass in provocative clothing. This kind of guy even alienate the fairer sex. Quite rare to see that the girl is in a state of excitement just looking at the guy.

Sometimes some women for easy excitation is gentle enough hugs and kisses, preferably from a loved one, because then everything feels significantly stronger. Most of the girl lights up the desire to be intimate only after a long foreplay – caresses of the clitoris, stroking the chest and hips.

There is a type of girls who burn with desire to have sex immediately after a conversation on the subject and discussion of any such actions.

It should be remembered that all the fair sex of the individual. What will be a crazy one, totally unacceptable for another. Having some idea about women's physiology and using psychological techniques, you can try as comfortable as possible for both to achieve the desired excitation of the partner and subsequently to a true pleasure.

Signs of excitement girls

To determine whether the excited girl, especially an inexperienced guy is not as easy as you might think. The girl must be fully relaxed, easy and casual feel. The man undesirable direct and openly hint at sex, it is best to work small hints in the form of conversations on this topic, touches and kisses.

Some signs will help to understand the status of ladies in the moment and determine whether she wants to continue. The girl by his actions, not even necessarily deliberate, shows initiative and preparedness to a more intimate process.

Intimate signals of her body

The above external signs of excitement can be attributed to a simple way of expressing the guy of your interest. If present, the man has to understand whether the girl, to try to take the first steps towards the desired sex and to give her a lot of pleasant sensations.

With the fairer sex, there are signs of moisture the genital organs. To find out it happened already, or even earlier, it is not necessary to climb girl in panties. So she might think that guy is too excited and too persistent, it is not like all the ladies.

It will be enough during the embrace with a partner lightly hold hand and touch gently to the desired place in the area of the perineum – even through clothes you can feel the humid heat, which will make it clear that the partner is excited.

There is one important point. Girls are by nature very individual. Moisture may not occur, even when incredibly hot. Don't be afraid and consider themselves incompetent, because it's just a particular body of the girl. We need to continue their actions, not to dwell on this. During sex when you need to use a condom or lubricant (grease), which will solve all problems.

Gently stroking the girl's entire body, you should gently hold his hand over her breast. Rarely occurs with excitation of fully relaxed and not tense chest. The main sign of sexual arousal in women are the nipples that can be seen even through the underwear and clothing.

It is useful to know that such a reaction is manifested nipples and the cool temperature in the room, so to determine sexual arousal of the partner, it is important to take an integrated approach and not start from the individual symptoms of sexual interest.

During even the light touch of the girl's body tenses and as it stretches toward the partner, and it gives you the opportunity to understand the extent of her wishes.

A pair of lovers

Close contact

In close contact, the man will feel a light shuddering thighs women – this means that the right time has come. While kissing the whole body is covered with small ants getting hotter – all with full confidence to determine that the woman is excited and wants intimacy.

The touch of strong male hands very often can be accompanied with sweet moans, ladies impatient waiting, in such situations, sometimes the girl herself begins to show visible signs of attention and will contribute to the continuation of our intimacy.

The last and most important symptom that helps to learn about the extreme excitement of the lady are touching the penis and the scrotum of the guy – caresses, stroking, studying, all of this is a desire to quickly deliver and obtain the desired pleasure.

If a man at this moment dare to touch the crotch of the girl, then at this stage he will be able to feel not only the hydration of the female sex organs, but also the swelling of her clitoris. And this is a direct indicator to a more intimate caresses. A man can be sure that the lady wants it and feels the pleasure of staying with him.

Summarizing, we can note a few items describing the willingness of the girl to make love:

  • She is relaxed and feels comfortable.
  • She tries to touch someone, alluding to the hugs and kisses.
  • The awkward girl behaves strange unusual motion.
  • Trying to start a conversation on intimate topics.
  • Alludes to privacy in the bedroom (can offer Striptease, sexy dancing).

Girls rarely do something "just because", most often under each of them by word or action hides a subtext that is very difficult to decipher. The guy who wants to achieve intimacy ought to have an idea about the basics of the physiology of women, to feel them, and though a little to understand the intricacies of sexual arousal.

Sometimes even a very experienced man is hard to understand, aroused if his partner, because the girl has no such obvious signs of sexual interest in men. In addition, often women in all ways try to hide the signs of his love interest. The body language of the girl, if properly interpreted, will help even the most insecure guy to determine how his lady is ready to have sex.