How to make a female agent in their own home (recipes)

Men throughout life interested in machinery, women's arousal. The male genetic program constantly pushes for search of the partner for sex. However, women are not in a hurry to jump into bed, meticulously selecting a companion for life. How to rekindle the passion girl? Is there a pill female arousal? And if so, how to make a female agent in a home?

Ancient aphrodisiac "Shpanskaya Mushka"


Since the middle Ages known as the most powerful means of kindling of passion as male and female. Widespread in the XVIII century. Famous fans of the drug: the Marquis de Sade, Catherine II. Shpanskaya fly is a species of beetles as well as drugs, including these beetles are part of (ointments, tinctures, powders).

To make the drug possible in our days with their hands: the beetle lives in Russia, also found in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan. Has a green color with a Golden metallic sheen. Grows to around 2 cm in length. The harvest is collected in may.

Recipe exciting fly for women:

1. Collect the required number of insects shpanskaya Mushka, dry and grind into a powder.
2. 20 g of the powder add 1 liter of alcohol.
3. Further, the drug is infused in a dark place and is used with food and drinks.

Be very careful the active ingredient shpanskoi flies kantaridin has a negative effect on the digestive tract and kidneys. According to some, too often used in large doses can lead to death.

Modern inventions

Messing around with bugs — no easy task. Not everyone will be able to run the forest in search of the right insects, and even dry them at home, laying out everywhere. Many nuances: it is not always possible to be sure that you catch and that catch. Plus difficulties with dosage and side effects: "die of excitement" sounds good only as a metaphor. But the genius of modern men does not sleep, and inventing new recipes, how to get a girlfriend that much easier to cook with their hands:

1. Remember what the blender, we're gonna need it.
2. Break 1 egg.
3. Add 1 tbsp of tomato paste.
4. Squeeze lemon juice (1 tsp.)
5. Take ½ tsp of mustard.
6. Pour a pinch of the hot pepper.
7. All carefully whisk using a blender.
8. Pour a glass of wine (dry).
9. Bring to a simmer (the mixture started to bubble).

To drink this drink should be hot or warm — it heats the sexual interest of women for the hottest nights. There are other recipes based on grocery afrodiziakov that are easy to make with your own hands. You can also buy a ready stimulant in specialized Internet pharmacies.

Natural remedies


In fact, mother nature has taken care of male sexual attractiveness in the eyes of women. Natural pheromone androstenon, a hormone that adjusts women for sex. Androstenon is produced along with then men, which are placed on the body where the hair grows (armpits, groin). You say that women don't like the smell of male sweat, and be partly right. But ask the right question and you'll get a weapon that can drive women crazy. When? When women odor androstenona and when, on the contrary, the woman will feel the excitement?

The thing in the menstrual cycle. From the point of view of the nature of the woman makes no sense to have sex if she can't get pregnant. So exciting fylhjcntyjy valid only at ready-to fertilize females. It is this natural pheromone, in excess of men in night clubs, acts as the strongest pathogen of the female half.

So ways and magical recipes excitation women quite enough. Some burst of passion causes an expensive car or a fat wallet. Millions dream of being in bed celebrity. Open the main secret recipe that is easy to carry with their hands at home: take 100 % of love and mix with 100 % of romance — the return will be 1000% the most powerful sexual emotions! Just love your woman, and you will be rewarded.