Herbs to increase libido in women: treatment and methods of preparation of herbs

Since ancient times, famous doctors and healers have struggled with the fading of female sexuality, creating various concoctions of herbs and increased libido women, including in their diet a range of different foods. These recipes and the names of the herbs is preserved to our time.

the negative impact

What affects female libido

Modern life of women is directly linked to a variety of stress that appear at work, at home. To this must be added the menstrual cycle, illnesses, and the presence of harmful habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

All these negative factors lead to the fact that libido is a large number of women begins to fall, the fair sex, there is a disease like lack of sexual desire for the opposite sex. This is a direct path to the disintegration of the family.

In the modern information space a large amount of material and tips focused on how to save men from impotence. To women's issues are more restrained, although it is wrong.

Which leads to the reduction of female sexuality and attraction:

  • psychological stress;
  • bad habits (Smoking, alcohol);
  • the menstrual cycle;
  • diseases associated with disruption of the internal organs;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • pregnancy and child birth.

All this can lead to the fact that women's libido is reduced, and the beautiful half just do not want intimacy.

To get rid of, you need to start treatment.

Which treatment is most effective

Of course, modern medicine does not stand still and offers patients many ways of treatment of this female illness.

Modern medicine offers two ways.

ways to improve libido
  • General medical, which includes treatment of various medical preparations, are assigned to the treatments, assistance of a psychologist, as well as diet and performing various physical exercises.
  • The treatment of this disease various herbs, honey and special foods. This method is also called folk.

In the first method, the main goal of the treatment of women consists in the General improvement of the body (freedom from diseases of internal organs, restoring a stable menstrual cycle, relieving stress, by the use of sedative medications, and a psychologist). It also added a special diet and exercise under the supervision of qualified instructors.

The second method involves a three main areas to increase libido in women:

  • phytotherapy (herbs);
  • apitherapy (use of bee products);
  • hirudotherapy (via attachment to specific places leeches).

Herbal medicine provides for an increase in female sexuality and libido through a variety of decoctions and infusions from herbs, and use them in salads and other dishes.

This occurs in combination with proper nutrition, diet and exercise.

Apitherapy, involves an increase in libido in women with the help of bee products. These include honey and pollen. Honey and pollen contain the whole set of useful minerals, increasing the secretion of female hormones to stimulate sexual desire of a woman to the opposite sex.

Also to increase female libido used leech therapy in which specific locations of the pelvis are medicinal leeches. This method must be used only under professional guidance, to make it not recommended.

It is important to understand that any treatment will not be effective if you do not get rid of bad habits, not to treat serious diseases.


Increase libido with herbs

Phytotherapy and apitherapy has been known since ancient times, because these types of treatment are used in combination.

Honey and bee products contain such minerals that are needed by the body women, plus they are easily absorbed by the body without additional stress.

But honey and pollen are not aphrodisiacs, and their main purpose consists in the General improvement of the body.

A healthy female body automatically increases your libido as a woman feels beautiful, she produces female hormones in the required amount, and it becomes not only attractive, but it significantly increases libido.

Phytotherapy is the use of herbs to increase sexual desire and to improve overall health, to develop increased amounts of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual attraction.

To increase libido, you use the following herbs:

  • ginger;
  • Tribulus;
  • strawberries;
  • rosemary;
  • parsley;
  • celery;
  • Bay leaves;
  • cilantro;
  • the root of ginseng;
  • chestnut flowers.

In addition, for increasing sexual desire meet such exotic plants as:

  • Damiana leaves;
  • wild Yam;
  • nigrum cohosh racemate;
  • Miura Puama;
  • Ginko biloba;
  • arginine.

And, of course, to improve sexual desire using some plants that are known from the ancient Indian treatise on love, namely:

  • ashwagandha;
  • shatavari.

Stimulating herbs are ashwagandha, shatavari (translated from the Indian, 100 men), Rhodiola rosea, ginger, parsley. It is possible to equate the kernel of a walnut.

herbs for decoctions

Practical advice on the preparation of some infusions

One hour before sexual intercourse, you can take an alcohol tincture, which includes the extract of Rhodiola rosea and Eleutherococcus senticosus. You need to drink two teaspoons. This tincture is contraindicated in women who have hypertension or high blood pressure.

Some experts recommend within a month to use walnuts 75 gram kernels a day, two or three tablespoons of crushed kernels and honey.

Kernel mixed with honey, should stand in the refrigerator.

The preparation of various decoctions of these herbs is best left to professionals, because not every body has a property of absorption of their micronutrients.

Some women may suffer allergies to components.

Allergies can lead to various adverse consequences.

To this must be added that there is also a "erotic" cuisine, which is also capable of doing miracles. It includes a variety of salads, which include ginger, parsley, cilantro and other greens. Cannot give up seafood, which are the stimulator of female sexual desire.

Experts recommend to include in your permanent diet ginger. It can be eaten as a side dish or you can buy a special ginger tea and drink it every day.

Herbs increase female libido, is not new, and everyday life of the modern woman.

They are not only able to increase sexual desire, but also rejuvenate the body by supplying essential micronutrients.