How to turn a girl on before sex: hands and fingers.

How does the song go: "Girls are different!" Yes, that's right, because the right to bring a girl a massage is also a great science. Even touch for each individual: some like gentle stroking, someone rough spanking, and someone in General does not tolerate any tenderness and ready to go right to the sex.

excitation technique women hands

If you want to get the lady in bed, it is necessary to know the type of perception. Three of them:

  • Auditoryperceiving the world through hearing;
  • The visualsthat which is most important is that they see;
  • Kinesthetic – perceive the world with the touch;

If the third group everything is clear, and the right thing that will excite the girl by the hand, then the other sometimes will have trouble, because they will be much more demanding.

Important preparation is to relax your partner. If you are in an intimate setting and guessed what her type of perception, it is important for the visual beauty of perfectly clean bed, preferably covered with rose petals and placed candles.

For audio in General all of these attributes are not so important and will, most importantly, to hear beautiful music, and she said a lot of beautiful compliments.

But kinesthetic prefer to go directly to hugs and caresses. And only when her "warm up", you are ready to have sex.

How to touch a girl to initiate

In any case, without the foreplay not do, even though in order to know "where it" button. Of course, do not just climb into her panties that there's all right to touch it could cause a backlash.

Carefully, moving from the top to the bottom, study the lady with touches and hugs, and do not forget about compliments. If the girl in response to your words, you plug the mouth with a kiss, then she doesn't need your talkativeness, it requires more action. Rubs his ear to your lips – more than words. Furiously cuddles up and running the hands along your body, it needs lots of affection.

So the weak zone. Hair, face, neck, shoulders, wrists, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, and of course, the main area of her crotch. All these areas are many erogenous, and it is necessary to know how to turn a girl on fingers and lips.

As for the hair and face is the first thingthat it is necessary to start the foreplay. The stroking of the hair, together with the kissing faces (respectively – the main focus on the lips), it is pleasant to any girl, besides it is still the psychological moment.

The neck is a particularly sensitive area, it is not necessary to immediately kiss – a light touch, literally with the tips of your fingers stroke behind the ear and along the neck. Like her? Boldly kiss. Inner line of the arms to the fingers must be also very pleasant to your lady. Therefore, act in the same way as with the neck.

The special zone is, of course, the chest. But some women from assertive caresses and kisses the nipples can be uncomfortable. She has the impression that the lower abdomen is starting to ache. Apparently, it has something to do physiologically. And if your girl doesn't want to hurt you, and believes that it is better to be quiet, she's just going to bear this torture.


Of course, affection of the breast is necessary to begin hands. Massage movements to "walk" on the side to iron the Breasts around the nipples. Just do not remove the chest like the switches on the old radio, like catch a wave. It's not very nice and kind of ridiculous. Stroking, pinching, touching nipples – nipples become hard, so it's time for them to kiss, lightly biting and sucking and tickling tongue. It starts with breast severe agitation – she begins to breathe intermittently and tremors.

The back and stomach. Be careful with the belly, there is still the internal organs. No severe pressure. Only light strokes and kisses. But back need a massage is more intense in the flesh to strong compression, especially in the "cat zone" – between the shoulder blades and along the back, up to the waist.

Affection in the area of the buttocks is not less sensitive, and by the men they give erotic pleasure. Knead and squeeze the buttocks will be pleased for both partners. By the way, for women, men's buttocks are not less attractive than men female.

Feet. The inner side of the thighs are the most sensitive, because it is located near the perineum, as it is the weakest point of girls. With the feet – be careful, many women it causes a tickling, and her "hee-hee-hee" and repulsion, means that with the feet easier. But others, on the contrary, massage – a balm for the soul.

Well now, of course, the genitals. By the way while fondling other parts of the body to properly and quickly bring a girl ignore her crotch, but to indulge too is not necessary. Just "casually" touching her labia, casually running a finger between them. And only then when your lady warmed up like a boiling samovar, made for her vulva to caress with two fingers on the clitoris, massaging it, and occasionally penetrating inside her vagina, and to return back to caress the clitoris.

Many of the fairer sex, the clitoris can cause an orgasm and sexual intercourse – not how hard you try, the passion will not. Well, if the lady herself didn't lie, simulating an orgasm. And women can do, unlike men.

How to tie a girl and to initiate, if she wants it

Who remembers the film "wild Orchid"? There's a couple love loved those games, with a new, unusual sensations. Yes, update feeling this way is not superfluous. Of course, it is ridiculous to tie a girl duct-taped to a chair to "steam" it.


Best of all – lying on the bed, tying her hands to the back. Pleasant helplessness and the anticipation of what will now be her caress. Alternatively – blindfold, so she could fully immerse in the touch. The technique of excitation you already know.